Language Learning Targets

  • I can… read and comprehend Latin sentences that include singular and plural dative nouns
  • I can… read, comprehend, and use Latin sentences that include mihi and tibi
  • I can… distinguish between direct objects and indirect objects in English sentences and in Latin sentences.
  • I can… distinguish between the use of the dative of indirect object and “ad + accusative” to designate motion toward.



Culture Learning Targets

  • I can… identify the physical structures of Roman public baths.
  • I can… describe how Roman public baths combined the hygienic function of bathing with the social and recreational functions of public pools, gyms, waterparks, and other recreational facilities. 
  • I can… compare how sex and class affected the access and quality of Roman public bath facilities to the ways sex and class affect the access and quality of public restrooms and recreational facilities in the United States (during segregation and in times since).