Language Learning Targets

  • ​I can… read and comprehend Latin sentences that have a singular subject and a singular 3rd person verb in the present tense
  • I can… identify and understand prepositional phrases using in (+ ablative). 
  • I can… identify the parts of speech (focusing on subjects, main verbs, prepositions, and objects of the preposition) in sentences in Latin and in English. 



Culture Learning Targets

  • I can… describe and contrast the typical gender roles of men and women in early Roman imperial society and compare those to gender roles and stereotypes in 20th and 21st century American society (including domestic life and occupational and educational opportunities). 
  • I can… identify the conventions of Roman names and compare Roman naming to naming in my own culture. 
  • I can… identify the parts of a typical Roman house and compare Roman housing to housing in my own culture. 
  • I can… identify major geographical features of Italy and the surrounding Mediterranean region.